Whether you are raising capital for expansion or selling a business, the expertise and the engaged relationships your advisers bring to the table will play a critical role in securing the best terms for you.

The depth and breadth of the experience of our team has resulted in an unrivalled network of potential investors, buyers and partners, as well as a profound understanding of the appetite and tastes of both public and private equity markets.

Given our track record in our specialist areas, we are able to provide an exceptional service to businesses on a global basis. Our clients value their long-term relationship with us, returning to us each time they face a decision-point in their route to success.

Deepbridge is able to provide funding in various formats including Venture Capital, EIS Investors and IHT Investors.  Each investment type brings with it respective benefits and drawbacks.  The Deepbridge team will help you decide what type of investment you require and will then help you obtain it.

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