Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS


The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS represents a compelling opportunity for private investors to participate in a selected portfolio of innovative growth companies, taking advantage of the significant tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. The EIS focusses principally on three sectors:

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  • Energy and resource innovation;
  • Medical technologies;
  • High growth IT-based technologies.

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is not an unregulated collective investment scheme.


Key Benefits

  • An engaged hands-on approach from an experienced investment management team
  • Free of fees to the Investor, 100% allocation of investor funds
  • All EIS tax advantages applicable
  • Target return of 22.9% p.a. over a minimum of 3 years
  • Performance fee aligned to the investors interests


The 100% Rule

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is an investor fee-free EIS opportunity, when introduced via an authorised and regulated financial adviser. Investors are therefore not charged any fees at point of investment. Upfront and ongoing fees are paid by the Investee Companies: this advantage allows investors to enjoy 100% of EIS tax benefits and to have 100% of their investment actually put to work earning investment returns.


The Target Return

The investment objective of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is to generate substantial tax-efficient mid-case capital growth of 160p for every 100p invested, over a 3-4 year period.

Exit events will be sought at the earliest opportunity after the third anniversary of the investment made.


Who Is The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS Targeting?

The Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is targeting UK taxpaying individuals:

  • Seeking an attractive, medium term investment opportunity
  • With income tax liability in the preceding and/or current tax years
  • With large capital gains to defer
  • Who will benefit from IHT relief.

The minimum individual investment in the Deepbridge EIS is £10,000. Investors should note that their investment comprises of shares in small unquoted companies (often with high risk) and that they are unlikely to have access to their capital for at least 3-4 years from the date of application. Please refer to the risk section for further information.

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