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Having paid tax throughout your life on your income, investments and savings, without effective inheritance tax planning your family and beneficiaries may incur a 40% reduction due to inheritance tax. To illustrate this fact, the HMRC received over £3.4bn in IHT receipts during the year 2013/14 [source: HMRC statistics].

Investments in the Deepbridge IHT Service qualify for Business Relief (formerly Business Property Relief) and are therefore 100% inheritance tax-free once held for a minimum of two years.  

Most forms of IHT planning involve the creation of complex trusts or gifting arrangements, which require the investor to live a further seven years and typically involve the loss of control over the asset and any income derived from it.


The Deepbridge IHT Service

The Deepbridge IHT Service is a discretionary investment management service that invests in Business Relief qualifying asset-backed renewable energy opportunities that benefit from contractual revenues available under the Renewables Obligation. In doing so, the Service seeks to ensure an enduring focus upon capital preservation. A cost-efficient estate planning component of an investor’s portfolio, the Service can exempt a portion of the Investors estate from IHT, after a two-year holding period.


Designed with you in mind

Whether looking for growth or income from your investment, the Deepbridge IHT Service can work for you:

  • The Growth Option: if receiving sufficient income from other sources, investors can maximize protection against inheritance tax by selecting the growth option.
  • The Income Option: if sufficient funds are available to invest but investors still require an income from the investment, they can elect to receive an annual target income of 6% per annum.


Maximum tax efficiency

To ensure maximum tax efficiency for the investor, the Deepbridge IHT Service is entirely investor-fee free.



Investors should be aware that investment in smaller unlisted companies (including Business Releif qualifying companies) carries with it a high degree of inherent risk whether or not it is done through a diversified portfolio and regardless of any tax advantages which such an investment might carry and/or any steps taken to attempt to mitigate that risk. Investors should be aware that thier capital is at risk and they may lose all or some of their investment.  The stated target return is an indicative figure only and not guaranteed. Please refer to the Deepbridge IHT Service Information Memorandum for further information regarding risks. 

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