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Deepbridge Capital LLP has seeded Acorn Partners Ltd, an efficient new way of originating, developing and delivering innovation within the broader healthcare space. In collaboration with our execution partners at WeAreNova and Europe’s largest children’s hospital Alder Hey, we redefine the traditional way of introducing innovation to fast digitalising areas in healthcare.

How do we do it?

Using tried and tested methodology grounded in AGILE software development processes and embracing LEAN start-up disciplines we scout for new innovation from a multitude of channels. Our world-class experts review prospects for a variety of ingredients including (1) scalability, (2) protected or protectable IP, (3) clear and realistic path the commercialisation with (4) the potential to create new market segments or displace existing market offerings, with significant market need and (5) a committed founding team.

Once our criteria are met we provide unrivalled execution capabilities with the crack software engineers of WeAreNova and the testbed provided by Alder Hey hospital. This new innovative process aims to reduce attrition, eliminate founder bias in product development and provide the commercial foundations assumed by its first customer.


The first five projects via Acorn Partners Limited are:


The Problem: Doctors often work overtime, but do not have an easy way of recording this so that their employers make sure they don’t inadvertently work too many hours.  It is important to avoid working too many hours as this can lead to poor health and stress in doctors and also could eventually impact quality of the care they provide.  It can also lead to employment disputes.

The solution is a two part system.  Firstly a GPS tracking, native app that allows Doctors to record their hours.  This is linked to a second web version controlled by their employers allowing them to monitor the Doctor’s hours.  Together the doctor and their employer can accurately monitor the amount of overtime worked and intervene should it be in excess of contractual terms.


The Problem: Teenagers struggle to manage their asthma as they become young adults.

Acorn is working with engineers to develop an exciting device that will monitor patient’s respiratory rates.  This data will then be delivered straight into our mobile phone application.  The app aims to help teenagers monitor their symptoms and take control of their asthma  treatment as they become young adults.


The Problem: Teenagers find it difficult to proactively take care of their mental health and wellbeing.  Currently the emphasis is on treatment of mental health difficulties rather than prevention.

Working alongside Team Fresh, an award-winning group of adolescents who seek to smash the stigma against mental health, Acorn are creating a mobile application that will encourage people to be more aware of how they feel and proactively so something about it. The app is based around the ‘pay it forward’ concept of completing various activities that relate to one of the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.  Evidence suggests that building the five ways of wellbeing into our day-to-day lives is key for improving wellbeing.


The Problem: Nurses must revalidate their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) every 3 years, to demonstrate a continued ability to practice safely and effectively.  This requires a lot of documentation and recording of activities, and this administration can be time consuming.

Acorn are working with strategic partners to develop a web application for nurses and midwives to capture their activities and collate the information required for their revaluation.  The application aims to digitise the currently paper-based process and provide an easy to use solution.


The Problem: Primary school children with phobias and anxiety may not engage in therapy because the physical feelings of anxiety make it easier to avoid.  Also therapists want to use a technique called narrative therapy but they may not be trained to deliver it.

Working alongside a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Acorn is creating an interactive mobile application to support the narrative therapy and CBT provided by psychologists.  The application will be fun and engaging for the children and allow parents to support the process by interacting with both their child and the app.

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