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Real Estate Energy Efficiency
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Arbco is a leading provider of commercial and portfolio real estate energy efficiency reporting and building risk mitigation solutions. The unique SaaS cloud based software solution, ‘Carbon Estates’, focuses on commercial and portfolio real estate businesses, looking at both buildings’ energy efficiency and compliance with statutory obligations regarding strict EU carbon emissions legislation.

Large UK real estate businesses have to comply with both the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the UK Government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Arbnco estimate that, currently, over 2,100 UK companies that hold or control real estate, using more than 6,000MWh per year of electricity participate in this scheme and are legally required to produce this data. 



Arbnco is the only UK based SaaS commercial real estate solution for managing risk associated with asset energy efficiency legislation, as well as being the largest repository of commercial real estate retrofit opportunities. The Company foresees a strong value associated with this data repository, leading to significant, recurring revenue streams going forward. 

As part of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS, investments target a mid-case return of 160p for every 100p invested, after a minimum of three years.  We envisage an exit for our investors via a trade sale to a large vertically-focused corporate energy efficiency consultancy, or a corporate active in one of the Company’s key verticals (e.g. companies providing retrofit or micro-energy generation related services), in 3-4 years targeting a return of c.4x capital invested.