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Arterius Limited i developing a novel next-generation polymer-based Bio-resorbable Coronary Scaffold (BRS), more commonly known as a ‘stent’. The bio-resorbable attribute allows the stent to dissolve over time, typically 12–24 months, before being absorbed by the body. Therefore, there is no requirement to physically remove the stent. The Company’s solution offers a huge opportunity to minimise the frequency of surgery or medical interventions and could give patients a better post-operative quality of life.

The focus for the Company’s products will initially be on coronary stents, however the Company is also looking to develop products to support peripheral (relating to your circulation and organs), biliary (bile duct) and urological (urinary tract) applications.The Company has developed a prototype under the trade-marked name ArterioSorb™. The product is currently undergoing pre-clinical evaluation, with the Company targeting a First in Man (FIM) clinical trial by the end of 2018, followed by CE marking activities in 2019.


There is a clear medical and global market need for improvements in stent technology, due to an ageing global population, increased prevalence of obesity, rising medical treatment costs, increasing demands on hospital resources combined with a demand for minimally invasive procedures that not only save money, but have less physical impact on the patient.

According to Grand View Research report, issued in September 2016, the coronary stent market was valued at US$8.8bn in 2015 and is expected to deliver a CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period (2015 – 2024). The increase in cardiovascular disorders is a prime reason for increasing demand for coronary stents. North America has dominated the coronary stent market in 2015 due to extensive distribution channels and large pools of target population. 

Poor human behaviour is driving the stent market, such behaviour resulting in increased prevalence of hypertension, obesity and blocked arteries, which may become fatal if left untreated. Current estimates suggest that currently one in three Americans are deemed obese, which is resulting in a rise in vascular disorders many of which may require medical intervention such as the fitting of a stent.

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