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Beamline Diagnostics Limited


BeamLine Diagnostics was set up to commercialise research in to the application of infrared spectroscopy to the diagnosis of cancer. Cancer is a worldwide problem with over 14 million new diagnoses and 8 million deaths recorded in 2012 alone (according to Cancer Research UK statistics, May 2015).

The Company is developing a system that enables rapid, accurate and low-cost point-of-care screening of biopsies for pre-cancer/cancer.

This will save considerable time and money on more complex analyses and drastically reduce time to diagnosis for both healthy and pre-cancer/cancer patients. The patent-pending analytical software application works with a commercially available infrared spectrometer to quantify biochemical changes in pre-cancerous and cancerous tissue.


In NHS England, annually, approximately 670,000 patients undergo a biopsy procedure of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. On average 11 biopsies are collected per patient but this number can range from 1 or 2 to 40+. The average cost of each biopsy is £48 (ranging from £22 to £74) depending on the type of biopsy taken.

Currently the gold-standard method for diagnosing cancer is by taking a biopsy followed by microscopic analysis. This is a labour-intensive process that requires highly skill technicians. In NHS England alone, 1.14 million biopsy procedures were performed in 2012.

*Above numbers are based on statistics from 2011-2012 annual report of all procedures and interventions – HSCIC. Numbers include biopsy procedures only, excluding excisions.