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Since the commencement of its development activities in 2011, Connect Childcare has developed innovative nursery management software systems for the UK childcare sector, enabling childcare staff to spend more time with the children in their care whilst simultaneously bringing parents closer to the development of their own children.Connect Childcare offers a range of resource solutions suited to the varying needs of single-site nursery operators to the larger multi-site organisations. The Company’s product meets all Government legislation, is modular, fully customisable and scalable to meet any budget.The Company, which now employs 38 employees, has enjoyed considerable traction and success since its commencement of sales and marketing activities with its products now in use in excess of 2,000 nurseries across the UK (representing 13% market share of 15,700 UK nurseries). Whilst the Company’s focus initially will remain on continued growth within the UK market, the board has ambitious plans to roll out its cloud-based SaaS management software internationally.

The Company is currently engaged in sustained dialogue with a number of large International contacts in China, India, SE Asia and the Middle East). It has also established through significant market research and trend analysis that there is a clear and growing global trend towards child development and parental engagement.

The Company has chosen to build its product and services development around three key underlying principles which it believes underpin its value proposition and address its stakeholders' needs:

  • Compliance with childcare legislation
  • Ease of data capture and system use
  • Supporting ‘Parents as Partners’.

The Company’s platform has received significant recognition from its peers by winning a number of industry awards such as the winner of the ‘Nursery World Awards 2015’and Lloyds Bank Business Awards 2016, amongst others.

Connect Childcare is an ISO 9001-registered specialist provider in the supply, installation and support of Management Software to the UK Childcare sector.


The global market for nursery-focused childcare services that support and enhance the time-poor lives of parents, with young children, is expected to increase in the near-term. Parents today are better internet-connected than previous generations, with nearly all parents either owning a smartphone or having access to an internet-enabled computer.

According to statistics sourced by Connect Childcare, the United Nations estimates there were 671 million children under five years of age in 2015, with the majority in undeveloped countries, which taken in context demonstrates significant future market potential.  Whilst it could be argued that the parents of some of these children may never be able to afford the full proposition from the Company, they may well benefit for access to certain cloud-based online aspects rolled out in future releases and geared towards geographical affordability.

Parents today are actively looking for solutions that;

  • ease their worries with regards to the nursery care offered to their children
  • that confirms that the nursery is meeting the required government regulations
  • offers significant improvements with ease of access and assists them with completion of required forms and documents
  • helps keep track of keys dates and activities via an online calendar with emailed updates
  • helps the parent be a good parent via peer offered tips and advice.

The Company estimates that in the UK alone there are over 7,500 nurseries that are single-site operators with less than 30 children - these nurseries remain a major focus for the Company as no one software solution has so far captured this market: previous offerings have been deemed too expensive or sophisticated, or not fit for purpose.  

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