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EligoChem Limited


EligoChem has developed a proprietary and patentable technology that facilitates the design of highly water-soluble drugs that are absorbed well by the human body.  One in fifteen known drug compounds have this combination of properties, but they are present in only one in ten thousand compounds in current pharma screening collections. This technology is particularly suited to antibiotic drug discovery.

Since its founding, the Company’s technology has created a library of diverse drug-like compounds that possess this water-soluble property, and has achieved proof of concept for the technology through demonstration of high absorption, increased safety profile (6x lower incidence of toxic effects than average) and the identification of novel anti-biotic solutions to MRSA and Tuberculosis.

The Company has also forged collaborations with leading University research groups in the antibiotic field and has applied DNA-coded screening of millions of compounds, aligned with the Eligochem design technology, to identify novel antibiotic compound series. 


EligoChem’s technology facilitates the ability to design and select compounds which, although polar, are well absorbed by human cells and thus are potentially suited to the discovery and optimisation of novel antibiotics.

In the medium term, 12-18 months, the Company will seek to screen compound libraries, with the intention to progress any pharma indications into leads.

Over the longer term, 18 months-5 years, the Company intends to progress leads into drug candidates.