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Filisia Interfaces Limited


Filisia addresses the training, rehabilitation and access requirements of people with special education and rehabilitation needs through creative and connected technology.       

Filisia estimates that there are over 150 million people globally with special education and rehabilitation needs. Cognitive, communication, and physical training is essential, but expensive, repetitive, and often viewed as not always engaging for the person receiving it. Existing technological solutions are often viewed as unattractive and do not provide significant data insights. The result is slower recovery and training, suboptimal therapy results and increased care costs.

Filisia’s patent pending software has a number of key features that have been designed with therapists. The software has modules for differing conditions and offers gamified rehabilitation exercises. Multiple difficulty levels tests both physical and cognitive abilities. The software also collects and displays data on clients’ and can record cumulative data to show improvement, flat line or decline in the users outputs.


The current market is based on assistive technology suppliers selling to bulk purchasing businesses in local authorities and the NHS, with current estimates that there are 1.7million systems in use.

Based on their base growth scenario, Filisia estimates to break-even on the 2nd year after product launch and plans to reinvest in R&D.