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Glaucoma Detection
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Ibis Vision Limited


Ibis Vision has developed ‘Ring of Sight’ (ROS), a unique eye test that is specifically designed for the early detection of glaucoma. Worldwide, glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness and is caused by a build-up of pressure within the eye which in turn can damage the optic nerve and the nerve fibres from the retina. Once damage is detected, it is usually permanent and therefore it is vital to make the diagnosis as soon as possible to commence treatment.

The ROS product is based on patented technology covering the use of visual field testing using a cursor and LED screen: the product is currently configured for use within a Windows environment and has two developed tests in play; the Full Threshold Test and the Suprathreshold Test.

The ROS application will be hosted remotely and deployed via the latest in Cloud technology enabling users to access the application from wherever they are situated. All data is stored on secure encrypted servers to ensure data privacy and security is maintained at all times.


The business will derive revenues from selling licenses to professionals using the Software that will be accessible via a Web-based secure interface within a Windows environment. The ongoing license fee income will be based on an annual renewable license, which will allow for easy market entry for smaller practices and also ensure higher revenues for the Company as usage grows.

The Company also has a number of potential revenue streams derived from high street optometrists, hospitals and private ophthalmic clinics.

The Company is currently is undergoing the CE and FDA accreditation process for market readiness.