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Levitex Foams Ltd


Levitex Foams Ltd was founded to address an identified need in the healthcare market for quality therapeutic mattresses.  The company has developed a new Levitex foam product that directly addresses poor body alignment and posture, with a particular focus on those users that are bed-bound. Failure to address poor posture whilst bed-bound can significantly exacerbate a patient’s condition, potentially leading to pressure sores and sleep deprivation resulting in a worsening of the patient’s health condition, leading to an extended and more costly stay in hospital. 

Levitex has developed a postural management sleep system (class 1 medical device) for those patients suffering with complex neurological illness or Injury, including Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease, as well as sufferers of stroke and hypoxic brain injury: the company is currently listed as a supplier to the NHS.

The properties of the innovative Levitex foam are that it compresses easily to 65% of its original size making it very soft, comfortable and mouldable to the user, whilst retaining its firmness if further pressure is applied. The material properties allow for both the required moulded support but also comfort. Levitex also reports that their mattress  is cheaper to manufacture than traditional foam mattresses,  does not retain heat, and is more breathable due to its construction when compared to visco-elastic or conventional polyurethane foam.


Reports suggest that nearly 700,000 people are affected by pressure ulcers each year in the UK, across all care settings, including patients in their own homes, with the most vulnerable of patients aged over 75.  Around 186,617 patients develop a pressure ulcer in hospital each year, and the cost of treating a pressure ulcer varies from £1,214 to £14,108; costs increase with severity because the time to heal is longer and the likelihood of complications are higher in severe case [1].

The Company perceives a global opportunity to re-think standard hospital and care home mattress supply: by using its latest polyurethane foam material combined with the very latest scientific research, the Company is seeking to launch their brand into a market that is not only stable but growing and is actively seeking solutions to what is an increasingly costly problem.

In addition to the healthcare market, the Company perceives a domestic retail market that is seeking a high quality, but affordable product that has superior properties than those already available on the market. The Company reports that it is in advanced talks with various prominent retailers.

[1] https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/qs89/documents/pressure-ulcers-qs-briefing-paper2

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