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Parkure Limited


The Company’s primary intention is the discovery of drugs that can prevent or inhibit the progression of Parkinson’s disease (‘PD’), for which there is currently no cure. Parkure’s primary goal is to discover and co-develop drugs that stop the disease progression; the Company will also exploit any new drugs that lead to the improvement of symptoms.

The Company uses an in-vivo (i.e. in living tissue rather than test tubes) drug discovery platform which seeks to de-risk the downstream drug development process. From this process, the best candidate drugs are then developed as pre-clinically-validated assets which will then be co-developed with a pharmaceutical company partner.

Although there is a significant market for drugs that ameliorate symptoms of PD, there is no treatment currently available that prevents disease progression. Parkure’s disease modifying products will not compete with existing drugs, but will potentially open up a new treatment opportunity as well as a new and potentially larger market.


The Company’s focus is pre-clinical. A large number of candidate drug compounds have already been pre-selected based on drug chemistry and ‘targeted pathway’ criteria. A significant portion has already been secured in the form of libraries and more than 1,000 have already been screened with a select few of these drugs showing repeated and significant effects. Those drugs that show a consistent effect in the living system platform are prioritised based on their performance. Based on further testing in an appropriate mouse model and assessment of commercial potential, a number of candidates will be validated at the pre-clinical level. In doing so, it is hoped that the probability of discovering drugs that work and then successfully co-developing them to the market is maximised.

Another key revenue driver is undertaking contracts for the testing of number of compounds for third party pharmaceutical companies using the Company’s unique approach and platform where the compounds are tested in vivo which has a human PD toxic protein expressed in the brain.