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Renephra Limited


Renephra Ltd is a UK based medical device development company that has developed and patented a disruptive technology that addresses the significant ongoing medical problems associated with treatment resistance of fluid overload within the body. Health issues often associated with fluid retention include heart failure and chronic oedema / lymphoedema in vascular, oncology alongside other impacting and personally debilitating diseases.

Renephra’s medical device removes excess fluid from the body by removing it from the skin. It uses microneedles to access fluid located in epidermis/dermis and negative pressure to remove it.

A recent 84 patient study at the Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust has demonstrated that the excess fluid is accessible once the stratum corneum is breached. Renephra will be the first medical company to use negative pressure to extract excess fluid via its patented device and know how.


The product has two main drivers which the company believes makes its product uniquely positioned in what is a very competitive market space;

  • The product has the potential to vastly reduce the time (in days) a patient spends in hospital with fluid retention health problems thereby saving the NHS potentially millions of pound annually.
  • The fact that somebody can self-administer the treatment safely in their home allows not only  the patient a better quality of life in that they can stay in their own home, but also if a community Nurse or Carer is required to assist,  there is still a significant cost saving for the local authority.

The company’s key objective is to develop and CE Mark the minimal viable product for a hospital use of a proposed device for fluid overload management. The product when ready would be available for direct sales via a small sales team or through a global distribution network.