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Resonant Software Inc.


Resonant Software Inc. has created innovative software to address human-centric inefficient processes in an automated, adaptive and thus time and cost-saving way.  Despite multi-billion annual investments in information technology by the financial services industry, there remain critical business processes that are being performed manually. These processes are often mission-critical functions, key to the performance of the company.

Resonant’s Adaptive Process(TM) software technology transforms the management of business processes that are complex, inefficient, resource-intensive and humancentric. The result for users is immediate value gain, improved productivity, reduction in time to implement change and improved compliance to regulatory reporting requirements. The Resonant application provides financial and strategic benefits to clients.


Within financial and insurance services, there are three common stages to their process:

  1. Application
  2. Processing (underwriting)
  3. Administration and on-going service

Resonant is considered to be one of the only vendors to have a total end-to-end solution for managing the Processing stage, despite there being many vendors offering credible solutions to the Application and Administration stages, including well known brands such as Hewlett Packard, Dell and Infosys. Resonant is therefore partnering with providers of solutions to these other stages via partnership and co-marketing agreements so that those providers may provide a more comprehensive solution. 

We envisage an exit for our investors via a sale to one of the Company’s partners or an IPO, targeting a return of 5x capital invested.