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Sky Medical Technology Limited has developed the OnPulse(TM) technology platform, a technology which, at its core, has been proven to dramatically improve blood flow (both volume and velocity) and elevates oxygen levels in the blood. The results indicate that the platform can be used across a variety of indications, displacing both pharmaceutical and device solutions on the market today.

The OnPulse technology has been proven through clinical studies and has received regulatory approval for sales in the EU, United States, Canada and Australia.  In the UK, NICE guidance supports the use of the gekoTM device for use within the NHS and the device is available commercially.

The predominant applications for the technology are:

  • Prevention and treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Surgical recovery
  • Chronic woundcare (‘hard to heal’ wounds)
  • Elite sports recovery

Additional opportunities for future development include treatment in the areas of urinary incontinence, accelerated bone union, cardiac support, enhanced drug delivery and equine care.



The market opportunity within the DVT market is substantial. The anti-thrombotic drug market was over $14.6 billion in 2004[1], with market estimates of the DVT device market at over $1.6 billion[2] (North America, EU, Japan). Over 600,000 people suffer from DVT in the United States alone annually, resulting in up to 200,000 deaths annually from Pulmonary Embolism[3]. Current market treatments include anti-coagulant drugs, pneumatic compression devices, and compression hosiery; however, no current treatment meets market demands for high performance, comfort and ease of use. Sky Medical believes its technology meets these needs in a novel and disruptive way. The reported occurrence of DVT varies widely, from 250,000 cases per year up to 20,000,000 in the United States alone[4]. The American Public Health Association estimates that up to 600,000 Americans will suffer from DVT each year[5]. It is further estimated that up to 200,000 pulmonary embolism (PE) deaths will occur from the DVT2. More people will die each year in the United States from pulmonary embolisms resulting from DVT than from AIDS, breast cancer and automobile accidents combined[2]. The estimates for the EU are similar on both counts of those affected by DVT and those that die as a result.

In addition to the DVT market, Sky Medical also estimates the Hard to Heal Wounds market to be worth C.$20bn in the US and C.£2bn in the UK. In addition, Sky estimates the surgical recovery market to be worth around £1.8bn annually.

The elite sport recovery market is a much smaller market but provides high-impact news opportunities and is a useful brand positioning tool. The likes of Team GB, British Cycling, San Francisco 49ers, AC Milan, Chelsea and the USA Olympic team all use the technology as part of their recovery treatment. 

We envisage an exit for our investors via a sale to one of the Company’s partners or an IPO trade sale, targeting  a return of around 4-5x capital invested.



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