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Tookie Ltd has developed a portfolio of innovative products addressing the unmet needs of patients who have genuine medical problems surrounding the security of central venous catheters (‘CVC’).  The catheters are put in place to allow long-term medicine treatment for pain, infection, or cancer, or to supply nutrition, but can also allow large amounts of blood or fluid to be given quickly. In many instances, lines are currently either left loose or taped to the skin.  Both of these actions cause unnecessary discomfort and raised anxiety of patients and parents. The resulting need to protect the lines often leads to reduced normality of movement and activity.

A CVC can be very disabling and can seriously affect their self- image and confidence of the patient, as well as impact adversely on their ability to work, play sports or participate in other forms of physical activity. The Company’s core objective is to enable product users to return to a more normal life, with greater levels of freedom & independence thus enabling more active participation in activities of their choice.  

The Company’s focus is to ensure that their products are relatively simple to use, fit for purpose, and have an design/use appeal to patients/carers and clinicians. The Company ethos seeks to drive both users and shareholder future product ideas from concept to reality, and the company actively engages with both community groups and aligned charities to acquire ideas and feedback on proposed products and user requirements.


Tookie Ltd has identified significant opportunities for its technology in all international medical devices, as the product range addresses a clear unmet medical need with many people having to live compromised lives with CVCs inserted for prolonged periods of time. 

The global central venous catheter market has been estimated to be valued at US$ 647.9m in 2015 and is expected to rise by 5.1% CAGR over the forecast period (2016–2026) [1]. Growth of the global central venous catheter market is mainly driven by rising adoption and growing demand for antimicrobial coated catheters, coupled with socio-economic factors such as increasing disease incidences due to a growing geriatric population. Other prominent growth drivers are product innovations and increasing rates of hospitalisations.  


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