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About Deepbridge

Our History

Formed in 2010, Deepbridge was founded with the aim of building an investment team that could redefine the growth capital market. Our purpose is to provide reassurance to investors by enabling them to invest alongside our team of passionate, experienced and fair-minded specialists. A genuine blend of people who know what it’s like to run a business and who have a balanced approach between being good investors, strong managers and practical operators. We hope investors find Deepbridge to be a team you want to partner with and a team in whom you can place your trust.

We believe in supporting, mentoring and investing alongside energetic, high performance management teams. Our ambition is to help their businesses achieve their full potential and thereby provide the best possible outcomes for our investors.

We promote a culture of professional excellence and integrity which characterises all that we do. We therefore strongly encourage our investee companies to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. We bring value to investee companies through our proven experience of building growth businesses, involving our network of investors, technology advisors, and industry partners.

What does Deepbridge invest in?

Deepbridge only invests in sectors in which our team has experience. By understanding where, how and why our investee companies operate, we have a better understanding of how to support, mentor and manage those businesses. 

We have a unique team of sector experts who source review and manage investment opportunities, across the technology, life sciences and renewable energy sectors.

From seed stage, through commercialisation and growth funding, Deepbridge aims to work with investee companies throughout their funding journey in order to ensure that they have the very best opportunity to succeed and ultimately aim to provide our investors with an optimum return.

Disruptive Technology
Life Sciences
Renewable Energy

The Supervisory Investment Committee

The Investment Team at Deepbridge is monitored and reviewed by the Supervisory Investment Committee.

The core discipline of the Committee is technological viability and regulatory compliance, with the Committee responsible for reviewing Investee Companies in order to provide feedback or insight regarding the technology they are commercialising as well as reviewing the operational strategy as appropriate. 

The Committee members, in addition to Deepbridge, have specific technical and operational management experience in emerging companies from early stage to exit and therefore can conduct due diligence on each investment to a high level of granularity and detail. 
This is intended to reduce the risk of inadvertent breach of EIS status, unless otherwise advantageous to Investors. 

In summary, the Supervisory Investment Committee provides separate oversight, from the Deepbridge investment team, on all matters relating to the technical and commercial elements involved with proposed and executed investments, thus ensuring that investments meet the mandate of the products and services offered by Deepbridge. The Committee acts as a partner to the Investee Companies’ management teams. The Committee comprises a member of the executive management of Deepbridge and independent experts.

EIS/SEIS Criteria


Be disruptive to existing markets or be creating new markets.


Highly innovative with a clear USP, and clearly distinguishable from existing market competitors.

Robust IP

Robust intellectual property which may provide patented or patentable IP protection.

Energetic Team

Energetic and experienced founding team.


Companies must be growing with demonstrable customer interest and market traction.


Product or service must be able to service vertical and possibly lateral markets.


Product or service should be scalable and have the potential to be global.

HMRC Assurance

Received before deployment into companies.

Our Products

An opportunity to participate in a range of diverse portfolios, proactively managed by our sector experienced team. Tax advantages are potentially available via the Enterprise Investment Scheme and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Please view our specific product pages for more information. Financial Advice is recommended.

An opportunity for investors participate in a portfolio of growth-focused technology companies, whilst taking advantage of the potential tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

An opportunity for investors to participate in a portfolio of growth-focused healthcare innovation companies, whilst taking advantage of the potential tax benefits available under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.

An asset-backed opportunity for investors to target long-term capital growth by investing in renewable energy generating trading assets.

An opportunity for investors to participate in a portfolio of seed-stage technology innovation companies, whilst taking advantage of the potential tax benefits available under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

The Private Investor Network of Deepbridge Capital, enabling experienced investors to define their own portfolio of innovative Life Sciences and Technology companies.

Deepbridge Protect is an IHT mitigation service that seeks to help businesses obtain full IHT relief, through their membership of a trading Partnership participating in a qualifying trade, so as to qualify for Business Relief.