Looking for funding?

Thank you for considering partnering with Deepbridge to provide funding for your business. In order to assist us with assessing whether your request meets our appropriate investment criteria, please have a read through our below criteria and determine if you are applicable.

If you believe you are applicable, then please download and save our INITIAL DUE DILIGENCE (S)EIS - Fact Find Form and email us the completed form.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Deepbridge team on 01244 746000 or by email.

What does Deepbridge invest in?

Deepbridge only invests in sectors in which our team has experience.  By understanding where, how and why our investee companies operate, we have a better understanding of how to support, mentor and manage those businesses. 

We have a unique team of sector luminaries who source, review and manage investment opportunities, across the technology, life sciences and renewable energy sectors.

From Seed stage, through commercialisation and growth funding, Deepbridge aims to work with investee companies throughout their funding journey in order to ensure that they have the very best opportunity to succeed and ultimately provide our investors with an optimum return.

EIS/SEIS Criteria


Be disruptive to existing markets or be creating new markets.


Highly innovative with a clear USP, and clearly distinguishable from existing market competitors.


Robust intellectual property which may provide patented or patentable IP protection.

Energetic Team

Energetic and founding team.


Companies must be growing with demonstrable customer interest and market traction.


Product or service must be able to service vertical and possibly lateral markets.


Product or service should be scalable and the potential to be global.

HMRC Assurance

Received before deployment into companies.