24th February 2020

For your information, we have now updated the following documents for the Deepbridge IHT Service. 

  • Deepbridge IHT Service: Product Summary
  • Deepbridge IHT Service: Information Memorandum 
  • Deepbridge IHT Service: Application Form

Please click here to access these documents.

An opportunity which intends for subscribers to obtain relief from Inheritance Tax after only two years, the Deepbridge IHT Service deploys into companies that should qualify for Business Relief that operate, and trade in, renewable energy generation assets. In doing so, it is understood that such subscriptions should be exempt from Inheritance Tax after just two years.

The Deepbridge IHT Service is specifically designed for individuals whose estate is expected to be valued significantly in excess of the Nil Rate Band for IHT, currently £325,000.

Asset backed: investing in tangible renewable energy assets. 

Attractive subsidies: The UK Government offers potential subsidies to the renewable energy sector; including Renewable Obligation Certificates and Feed-In Tariffs. 

Proven technology: The Companies will rely on proven technologies such that the output of electricity should be both stable and relatively predictable. 

Business relief: an appropriate subscription can benefit from 100% relief from inheritance tax after death if the investment is held for a minimum of 2 years and is still held on death. Business Relief is considered by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on a case-by-case basis on death. Therefore, legislation at the time of death will be the basis for assessment for Business Relief eligibility.

If you wish to discuss any of our investment propositions, please contact the Deepbridge team, here.

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