10th January 2019

Growing companies require expert guidance and mentoring as well as adequate funding to stay focused on their strategies, exploit new opportunities and prepare for the next stage of development or exit. Investments will only be made in companies where Deepbridge either engages with or has vetted experienced professionals to work with the management team. Deepbridge will take board positions in all investee companies and takes an “active role” to guide, mentor and counsel the management team.

The Deepbridge EIS will only invest in Investee Companies which propose to follow a conservative business model. In doing so, Deepbridge intends to appoint a minimum of one officer from Deepbridge to the board of each of the Investee Companies, once the decision to invest in a company has been made.  Deepbridge will provide active support to Investee Companies, including appointing a director to the board to assist the Investee Company in delivering and monitoring adherence to, and compliance with, its objectives.

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