2nd February 2023

Both the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS funds continue to deploy capital on a monthly basis, which provides you and your clients with the opportunity to have capital actively working in the quickest time possible (based on our market research of the EIS market). 

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) continues to be one of the most tax-advantaged schemes and is a core Government tool for encouraging investment in growth-focused companies.

IMPORTANT: If your client is seeking to offset income tax relating to the 2021/22 tax year, then they need to have funds deployed in the 2022/23 tax year in order to utilise carry-back relief. Please note that deployment in the 2022/23 tax year is subject to the closing date of 29th March 2023 for receipt of fully completed applications and cleared funds.

If you need deployment even sooner, then we can also confirm that applications and capital received by 24th February will be deployed before the end of February.

Don't forget: electronic application forms can be requested via the Deepbridge website here.


Why Invest with Deepbridge?

Monthly deployments
Deepbridge is one of only a handful of providers who usually deploy EIS funds on a monthly basis. This means that investors' funds are put to work quicker, not only enabling the investee companies to utilise this to facilitate their growth ambitions, but also allowing the investors to start the process of claiming their potential takes relief(s) quicker.

Thorough due-diligence process
Deepbridge receives hundreds of applications from companies seeking investment every year. Our thorough and extensive due diligence process enables us to only select those companies which meet our strict investment criteria, and ultimately, which we think have the best chance of providing an optimum return to our investors.

Sector-experienced investment team
Deepbridge only invest in sectors in which the team has in-depth experience; technology, life sciences and renewable energy

Hands-on and active approach
Deepbridge takes an active role (not just a Board seat) to guide, mentor and counsel each of our investee companies. The provision of hands-on operational experience combined with financial expertise aims to mitigate the investment risk borne by the Investor.

No investor fees at the point of investment
Manager fee-free, at the point of investment for advised investors; ensuring up to 100% of any investment is potentially eligible for EIS tax reliefs and up to 100% of any investment is 'in the market.'

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