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AlgaeCytes: biomanufacturing company engaged in the production of natural, vegan, sustainably-sourced products promoting healthy living from microalgae. The Company is well-positioned to be a first-mover meeting the growing demand for its initial lead product, Omega-3 EPA, which is natural, vegan and wholly-traceably.

The Investment Opportunity

AlgaeCytes, with its patented and proprietary technology, is a company specialising in the production of high-quality EPA oils. EPA and DHA are the main oils in the Omega 3 sector, derived from freshwater algae.

AlgaeCytes grows microalgae in enclosed photobioreactors to make consistently high potency, traceable, Non-GMO, vegetarian, and sustainable ingredients primarily for premium priced products. The Company intends to target the rapidly growing personal care, healthcare and nutra-therapeutics markets.

Omega 3 oils are increasingly in high demand within a multitude of sectors including healthcare, food and drink, sports, cosmetics, personal and the oral care industries, due to its many health-promoting qualities. The human body cannot naturally produce omega 3 oils and so is traditionally sourced from wild-catch deep sea fish, other marine animals, algae and vegetables (including flaxseed).

AlgaeCytes’ primary product is the omega 3 EPA oils. EPA oils are recognised to enhance heart, cardiovascular, neuro and skin health, and lessen inflammation. Other products produced by the Company include beta-carotene (vitamin A source) and an agricultural crop bio-stimulant from algae.

Algaecytes Limited Website
Milestones to Date

Secured an Innovate UK grant for circa £1m.


Trade names “AVEPA”, “AVEPA Daily” and “AVEPA Max” confirmed for the AlgaeCytes’ products.

EPA Pilot plant commissioned with products sent to notable world-wide interested customers. 


Commercial Factory FEED report finalized that details the scale-up needed to build a 50 MT annual capacity commercial facility.

Financial model finalised and validated for the future build of a full-scale commercial plant, which shows EBITA of £7.5 million for year 1 of a full year’s production.


Clear path to securing £50 million in capital spend to secure the facility as well as a location for new commercial facility.

Shortlisted as a finalist for Best Investment in Sustainable Innovation at the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards.

Site for first commercial scale plant in Germany approved.

The Company signed a term sheet for 5 million euros from German regional development fund.

The Company has further developed its IP portfolio.

Risks and Important Information

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