Developing an online food monitoring and eHealth solution.


Dietary Assessment are on a mission to help reduce diet-related disease globally and as such specialise in providing high-quality nutritional analysis software to researchers, educators and healthcare professionals both in the UK and Internationally.

The Company has developed an innovative online eHealth platform - myfood24® -that automates the diet tracking and analysis process. myfood24 combines a quick and easy-to-use food diary system with a web-portal and mobile apps to enable users to accurately track, monitor and analyse the dietary and nutritional intake. The system has been validated with independent nutrient biomarkers and stands up to the rigour demand by healthcare and research markets.

myfood24 automatically calculates the nutritional value of each food and drink item for over 100 different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to support a wide range of use cases.

Underpinning the robust dietary monitoring platform is a unique and comprehensive food and nutrition dataset that is reflective of the vast range of food products available to consumers. Unlike many other online tools, this information has not been crowd-sourced, instead it has been meticulously created, enhanced and quality checked by a team of nutrition experts.

Originally created at the University of Leeds to support research into the links between diet and health, myfood24 has now been translated into several different languages and tailored for use in education and healthcare too. myfood24 can help healthcare professionals save time and better manage their patients with diet-related diseases such as diabetes and cancer and can help their patients to make better dietary choices and improve their health and quality of life. 


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