NanOptima has developed a drug delivery platform for use in ophthalmology.


NanOptima has developed a drug delivery platform for use in ophthalmology (eye diseases and disorders). In particular, the Company is seeking to improve treatment methods for patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD is an eye disease that affects central vision and can cause permanent vision loss.

AMD is categorised into wet and dry AMD – both are irreversible, however the progression of wet-AMD can be halted if treated with regular eye injections. Although treatment for wet-AMD exists, many patients do not complete treatment which leads to disease progression. The NanOptima platform uses approved drugs to deliver wet-AMD treatment over a sustained period, reducing the
frequency of treatments required and therefore reducing the risk of incomplete treatment.

NanOptima has to date completed proof of concept studies and demonstrated sustained release capabilities of the platform. NanOptima has also generated valuable IP and developed multiple future partnering opportunities. The Company is now progressing to a pre-clinical development programme that aims to demonstrate safety in living tissue (in vivo). In vivo trials will use approved drugs and NanOptima delivery platform to observe clinical features.


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