Automated, scalable, pay-as-you-grow enterprise cloud management solution powered by OpenStack.


Sardina Systems has successfully developed its first operational iteration of FishOS, which is a cloud-automation solution built on OpenStack, providing users with a full suite of tools for cloud data management operations.

As the prevalence of cloud computing has accelerated in recent years, greater legislation (such as the General Data Protection Regulation introduced in 2016) has resulted in a greater demand for cloud automation services by which cloud users seek to automate their access to the cloud data servers, to ensure regulatory compliance.

Against this context, the Company’s FishOS solution is an enterprise cloud platform that delivers turnkey infrastructure for traditional enterprise workload users, as well as next-generation applications such as automated manufacturing. FishOS facilitates data security and protection, zero-click operations and AI-enabled operational simplicity through the use of rules-based automation.

The Company’s platform solution offers all of the functionalities that enterprises require as standard, including auto-failover, disaster recovery, smooth upgrade path, monitoring, integration and coexistence with current infrastructure. The Company also asserts it is the first platform to enable Zero-Downtime upgrades to the system, which offers significant benefits to global organisations spanning various time zones.


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