Developing the next generation of software and hardware for the UK’s space industry, focusing on the development of hybrid rocket technology.


Via the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), SmallSpark Space Systems is developing optimisation software to assist in the design of complex launch systems, including its own low-cost rocket engines. The software is being developed and commercialised as a product in its own right, with the aim of providing multiple revenues streams to support the Company in the development of rockets, which aim to lower the cost of access to low earth orbit for small satellite launches. The Company perceives this to be a huge opportunity for the UK aerospace industry to provide an invaluable service that ensures significant cost savings.

Over the next decade, the demand for agile, low cost, dedicated launches to space for low mass satellites is expected to grow considerably. Historically, satellites were high mass and expensive, servicing potentially hundreds of thousands of clients simultaneously. With the reduction in cost of computing technology, it has made far more economic sense to spread the risk over hundreds of smaller satellites, and it is this trend which SmallSpark is aiming to commercialise with its range of hardware and software products.


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