Developing a SaaS platform to help companies save money by reducing contract value leakage and governance costs.


Thinking Machine Systems is a virtual value manager platform that aims to reduce value leakage and cost drivers associated with managing technology service relationships. The Company was built upon the founders’ desire to assimilate disparate data found in telecom contracts and invoices and make working from the same source of information easier for teams within an organisation.

The solution utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to monitor value and cost drivers, identify opportunities and data discrepancies as well as understand service consumption patterns and service performance. Additionally, once data is analysed by the system, it produces reports and recommendations, allowing users to trace back bad data to its source and eliminate it.

The Company believes that the product can uncover hidden value in telecommunications and technology costs of businesses. And with the help of AI and machine learning, businesses will be able to take full control of their technology services contracts more efficiently, optimising team performance.


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