UBS Partners With Fund Her North

26th January 2022

One of the world's largest global wealth managers, UBS, has partnered with Fund Her North, working to improve access to finance for female-led businesses. 

Fund Her North is made up of over 28 women in venture capital, including Samantha Piddington (Head of Corporate Finance - Deepbridge Capital), funding organisations and angel groups with a combined investment power of over £450m. 

Q & A with Ian Warwick

6th February 2019

How do you find appropriate technology companies to invest in?
The Deepbridge team has decades of combined experience of working in and around the technology sector, both in the UK and internationally.  We therefore have strong networks which tend to refer investee opportunities to us and therefore we tend not to have to chase deals.  Having grown a reputation for providing smart capital to early-stage tech companies enables us to attract quality tech companies seeking growth funding.


EIS Closing Dates 2018/19

29th January 2019

Deepbridge can confirm that the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS currently have capacity for deployment prior to 5 April 2019, as Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS funds are usually deployed on a monthly basis. The earlier your clients funds are invested, the greater the chance that they will be invested in the current tax year.

What makes Technology an interesting investment opportunity?

17th January 2019

Through the combination of the high-quality investment management experience of the Deepbridge team, coupled with an opportunity to take advantage of the generous incentives offered through the current tax legislation, the opportunity to invest in the range of identified companies through the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is both timely and potentially compelling.