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Aquarate Partners With Wirral Council

Aquarate Ltd, which is part of the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS fund, has recently announced a new partnership with Wirral Council to offer digital hydration monitoring across care homes.

Aquarate intend to develop an automated software solution which aims to help improve the accuracy of fluid balance monitoring. Fluid balance is a medical term used to describe the balance of the input and output of fluids in the body to allow metabolic processes to function correctly.  Patients requiring fluid balance monitoring may include those who show signs of fluid imbalance, critical care patients and post-surgery individuals.

The partnership will involve the roll-out of Aquarate’s Hydracare system across various care homes in Wirral to reduce the number of UTIs, falls and constipation among residents in care environments.

Rebecca Taylor, CEO of Aquarate said:

“It is fantastic to see the region coming together to tackle some of the serious issues seen within care. We aim to support Wirral’s digital transformation by providing a tool to track the very fundamentals of care. We look forward to sharing the results of our work in the coming months!”

The Hydracare system technology offers accurate and automated fluid monitoring to increase hydration and combat associated illnesses within care settings.

The implementation of hydration monitoring will support residents by creating a safer and more comfortable life. Care workers will also benefit from a digital Hydracare monitoring system for hydration monitoring; the system offers real-time fluid intake data, fluid intake history, spill alerts and restricted fluid management.

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