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Closing dates for EIS deployment in 2017/18 tax year

Deepbridge can confirm that the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS have capacity for deployment prior to 5 April 2018. With rumours abounding of limited capacity this tax year, the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS provide advisers and investors with access to a portfolio of innovation driven companies, with deployment this Tax Year*. The closing dates to ensure investments are deployed for the 2017/2018 Tax Year are as follows; Friday 16th March for Cheques Monday 26th March for Transfers Application Forms and Anti Money Laundering Documentation (AML) checks completed by 27th March. All of Deepbridge’s investee companies have HMRC Advance Assurance before they enter the portfolio, and with a strong pipeline of investee companies ready to come in to the portfolio, we are confident that capacity is not an issue. Deepbridge’s highly experienced management team seek to mitigate risk by taking a hands-on approach to working with investee companies. For any client considering utilising carry back for the 2016/17 tax year, deployment prior to 5 April 2018 is essential so I recommend you seek confirmation from providers that this is possible before recommending any products. *subject to standard closing dates for this tax year. Deployment in the 2017/18 tax year is not guaranteed, is subject to capacity constraints and is dependent on acceptance of individual subscriptions.