21st October 2020

At Deepbridge, we are keen to ensure that our financial adviser community has access to regular updates from our investee companies.

We are therefore pleased to introduce our new webinar series, Deepbridge Discovery.

During this CPD-qualifying 30-minute Q & A style session, a Deepbridge representative will introduce two investee companies, to discuss how they approach running their business, the support they have received from Deepbridge and the challenges they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during these sessions.

We believe that investing via the Enterprise Investment Scheme requires the financial adviser and the investor to understand where their investment is going and how their money is being managed.

We believe in supporting, mentoring and investing alongside energetic, high performance management teams. With a proven track record of working with emerging companies, we work very closely with investee companies throughout their funding journey in order to ensure that they have the very best opportunity to succeed, with the aim of providing our investors with an optimum return on their investments.

To find out more about our latest Deepbridge Discovery Events, click here.

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