10th April 2019


Deepbridge are pleased to announce we have led a recent funding round for Compono Pty Ltd, which is attempting to use artificial intelligence to develop a recruitment software platform. The target raise is £3.77m (AUD $5m).

As the lead investor, Deepbridge have agreed funding of up to £2m (AUD $2.65m) , which sees Compono Pty become the newest company in the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS portfolio.

Other investors participating in the funding round include Shark Tank judge, Andrew Banks, and British Entrepreneur, Tink Taylor.

Deepbridge look forward to working closely with Compono Pty over the coming years, as they seek to make an aggressive play for the UK market.

About Compono Pty:
Compono is developing an intelligent recruitment software platform, utilising a suite of algorithms and adaptive machine learning, that endeavours to:

  • match individual’s talent with recruiting employers;
  • help those employing organisations optimise their staff talent; and
  • assist individuals in the building of their careers.


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