29th January 2019

Deepbridge can confirm that the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS currently have capacity for deployment prior to 5 April 2019, as Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS and Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS funds are usually deployed on a monthly basis. The earlier your clients funds are invested, the greater the chance that they will be invested in the current tax year.

Please note that this is subject to the closing dates, outlined below.

Thursday 21st March for Cheques 
Tuesday 26th March for Bank Transfers

Application Forms and Anti Money Laundering checks will need to be completed by 27th March.

Both Deepbridge EIS funds provide advisers and investors with access to a portfolio of innovation driven companies, as well as having a strong pipeline of investee companies ready to come in to the portfolio. All of Deepbridge's investee companies will also have HMRC Advance Assurance before they enter the portfolio.

Deepbridge's highly experienced management team seek to mitigate risk by taking a hands-on approach to working with investee companies.

For any client considering utilising carry back for the 2017/18 tax year, deployment prior to 5 April 2019 is essential. This highlights the potential advantage, especially at this time of the year, of recommending a provider which usually deploys funds on a monthly basis.

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