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ENSO Announce Strategic Partnership With Wastefront

Wastefront, which is behind plans to build a £100m tyre recycling plant at The Port of Sunderland, has revealed a partnership with one of Deepbridge's Technology Growth EIS Companies, ENSO Tyres Limited.

The partnership will see ENSO incorporate Wastefront's recycled carbon black in its tyres from 2024.

Gunnlaugur Eriendsson, CEO at ENSO, added:

"The environmental impact of tyres is significant, particularly when it comes to EVs, yet to date this problem has been largely overlooked. The word "ENSO" in Japanese means a hand-drawn circle that symbolises strength, elegance, and the circularity of nature. ENSO's mission is to work in harmony with nature to make better EV tyres, delivering more range and less tyre pollution, based on the circular economy. Our partnership with Wastefront is an important further step towards this mission, and a perfect example of a circular approach to recycling end-of-life EV tyres and reusing their recovered carbon black in new EV tyres."

Wastefront secured planning permission to build the plant which will turn end-of-life tyres into useful commodities including biofuels and carbon black, all of which was backed by energy giant Vitol. These can then be reutilised in processes such as alternative fuel or raw materials for the production of new tyres of other products.

Wastefront will also provide ENSO with a recycling outlet for its used tyres as part of its extended producer responsibility (EPR).

Vianney Vales, CEO at Wastefront said:

"This partnership is a great example of how we are closing the loop of circularity. No longer do we have the luxury of making a product and forgetting about it the moment it leaves the factory. To be considered ethical, businesses must be accountable to future generations with respect to the products they make today, and how we dispose of them when they reach the end of their useful lives. Therefore we are teaming up with ENSO, a tyre maker of the future, and a company which understands and endorses the dual needs of technological innovation in tyre design, and the overwhelming need to recycle and reuse the materials they are made from."

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