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ENSO Launch New Campaign

ENSO, which is part of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS portfolio, has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign as a follow on from their funding received by UK Future Fund. The campaign has been launched to support the company’s research and development and its first commercial of tyres. 

ENSO is seeking to raise £1.75million to deliver its upcoming project before the end of 2021, with plans to expand its operations to California by 2022.  

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, Founder and CEO at ENSO, commented:  

“Tyres are the automotive industry’s biggest, dirtiest secret. Tyres are largely made of fossil fuels, and as they wear down, emit more air pollution than tailpipes, making up 28 per cent-plus of all primary ocean microplastics. Tyre pollution is an even bigger problem for electric vehicles. So while EVs are our future, unless we solve the problem of tyre pollution now it’ll go from bad to worse. We are developing better tyres for EVs, to help reduce pollution and carbon emissions in line with the global commitments to reach Net Zero.”  

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