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Firstkind Ltd Joins Legs Matter Coalition As Gold Corporate Partner

Investee company within the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS portfolio, Sky Medical Technology Ltd has recently announced that it's company Firstkind Ltd has joined the Legs Matter coalition as a gold corporate partner. Legs Matter Coalition increases awareness, understanding, and action for lower leg and foot conditions among the public and healthcare professionals and the general public.

The organisation, which operates under the governance of registered charity the Society of Tissue Viability, believes everyone has a right to good-quality lower leg and foot care that promotes healing and reduces the risk of harm.

A recent study by the Legs Matter organisation estimated that 3.8 million people in the United Kingdom have a leg wound that needs to be managed by the NHS. The cost of managing unhealed leg wounds is £5.6 billion - an average cost of £3,700 per person annually and 2.5 times the cost of managing a healed wound (£1,500).

Bernard Ross, CEO of Sky Medical Technology commented:

"We are always looking to partner with organisations addressing similar issues to us, and Legs Matter shares our commitment to delivering quality care for patients with new and innovative methods. Venous leg ulcers present a significant burden to healthcare systems globally and by supporting Legs Matter we can collaborate to raise further awareness."

Sky Medical Technology Ltd has developed the OnPulseTM technology platform, which has been proven to significantly improve blood flow (both volume and velocity). The results indicate that the platform can be used across a variety of indications, challenging both pharmaceutical and device solutions on the market today.

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