5th January 2022

Recently, GBI Magazine sat down with FluoretiQ Co-Founder & CEO, Neciah Dorh, to talk about his Start-Up journey and how the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS Scheme influenced it.  

FluoretiQ is a great example of the sort of company that Deepbridge Capital invests in, through the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS fund. FluoretiQ provides Rapid Bacterial Identification for Faster Treatment. During the interview with GBI Magazine, Neciah helps detail the science behind his company, explaining how FluoretiQ have carried out so much scientific testing with such a small team. 

FluroetiQ have developed NANOPLEX™- a rapid diagnostic platform that identifies bacterial pathogens in 15 minutes. This is a ground-breaking technology that enables clinicians to confidently use antibiotics at the very start of patient treatment.  

If you would like to watch the interview with Neciah Dorh talking about his start-up journey in GBI Magazine's four-part series with Deepbridge, click here.  

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