13th May 2019


Deepbridge are pleased to announce that Hand Hygiene Solutions Ltd, which is intending to develop an automated software solution to aim to improve the collection of robust hand hygiene compliance data, have now joined the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS portfolio.

A total raise of up to £250k was recently agreed, which follows on from an initial seed funding round, through the Deepbridge Life Sciences SEIS portfolio.

By adding real value and guidance to Hand Hygiene Solutions, the sector experienced Deepbridge life sciences investment team aim to help facilitate the growth of the company and seek to provide an attractive return on investment to our investors.

About Hand Hygiene Solutions:
The Company is developing ‘Hy-Genie’, an automated software solution that seeks to improve the collection of hand hygiene compliance data integrated with innovative user feedback in order to aim to influence behaviour change.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that hand hygiene is significant in reducing transmission of healthcare associated infections (HCAI) between clinician and patient. The WHO have published the Five Moments of Hand Hygiene that should be completed in order to reduce risk of infection. These are; before touching a patient, before aseptic procedures, after body fluid exposure/risk, after touching a patient, and after touching patient surroundings. Despite the WHO guidelines, HCAI currently costs the NHS roughly £1 billion per year, indicating that hand hygiene compliance is poor.

Source: National Audit Office - https://www.nao.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2000/02/9900230.pdf)


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