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Liverpool ChiroChem Partners with MolSoft

Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd (LCC), an investee company within the Deepbridge Life Science EIS fund, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with MolSoft LLC aimed at accelerating drug discovery.

The partnership will grant access to LCC's Ultra-Large Virtual Library (ULVL) through MolSoft's cutting-edge virtual screening tools. With over 1.4 billion compounds of chirally defined structures, LCC's ULVL offers an unprecedented resource for drug development. 

MolSoft, renowned for its scientific software solutions, brings to the table advanced technologies such as the RIDGE and RIDE flexible docking algorithms, powered by modern GPU processors. This collaboration enables researchers to conduct efficient structure-based and ligand-based screening approaches, leveraging MolSoft's high-performance docking methods and Rapid Isostere Discovery Engine (RIDE) for scaffold hopping. 

The partnership holds immense promise for revolutionising drug discovery processes, with the combined expertise of LCC and MolSoft poised to drive innovation in the field. By providing access to expansive chemical space and advanced screening technologies, the collaboration aims to expedite the development of life-saving therapeutics, marking a significant step forward in the quest for novel treatments. 

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