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Maximising Estate Planning


Prudent Inheritance Tax planning maximises the estate passed to future generations. 

Therefore, does it not make sense to ensure such planning is also supporting green energy projects which will enable those next generations to live in a cleaner world?  

The Deepbridge Estate Planning Service provides subscribers with access to a portfolio of Business Relief qualifying renewable energy assets; driving renewable energy transformation, whilst offering IHT exemption after just two years. 

With an impressive 5-year track record, the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service enables you to help clients plan For The Next Generation. 

Key benefits: 

· Pass on wealth: The Deepbridge Estate Planning Service invests in companies that are expected to qualify for relief from Inheritance Tax, enabling you to pass on more of your wealth to your family; 

· Renewable energy: Help keep the planet green using resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale having low or zero-carbon footprint; 

· Net Zero: Help the UK achieve its goal of becoming net zero by 2050; 

· Speed: Business Relief can enable IHT exemption after just two years; 

· A simple process: There are no complicated legal structures; 

· Access to your investment: You can ask us to sell some or all of your shares at any time, and we will return the proceeds to you, subject to availability; 

· Long-term sustainable growth: Targeting 4% growth per annum, over the medium to long term for investors; 

· Fees: The 100% rule: A manager fee-free opportunity at the point of investment for subscriptions received by a financial adviser; 

· Impact investing: Investment in the green energy sector is a great choice from the standpoint of making an ethical impact. 

About the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service  

The Deepbridge Estate Planning Service is an opportunity which intends for subscribers to obtain relief from Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) after only two years, by deploying into companies that should qualify for Business Relief that operate, and trade in, renewable energy generation assets. 

Our aim is to provide investors with access to trading companies aligned with investors’ goals and ambitions.  

The Deepbridge Estate Planning Service is specifically designed for individuals whose estate is expected to be valued significantly in excess of the Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax, currently £325,000.  

Subscriptions made by the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service will be illiquid. It may be that your individual circumstances make the Deepbridge Estate Planning Service unsuitable for you. You should seek advice from your Financial Adviser before making any investment decision. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.