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MedTech Trends in 2023

2023 trends

Bernard Ross, CEO and Founder of Sky Medical Technology Ltd. has recently been featured in a Med-Tech News article regarding what he expects from the world of medical technology and healthcare going in 2023. 

"The global pandemic put an unprecedented strain on the NHS at a time when it was already under immense pressure to combat chronic issues facing an ageing population. At the height of the pandemic the need to address the huge threat to people’s lives meant doctors and nurses being redeployed across the system, reducing capacity elsewhere. Meanwhile lockdowns led to a huge increase in remote diagnostics and the closure of outpatient clinics." 

"If the pandemic taught us anything, it is predicting the future is a risky business. But there are already some major trends emerging across the healthcare system which will come to the fore next year and shape the future of the medtech industry." 

Delving into subjects such as "Hello to hybrid" where Bernard Ross describes that "2023 will see the healthcare system embrace a hybrid model that recognises the convenience of remote consultations for many but respects the needs for real face-to-face appointments for others.", "Home and hospital", where Bernard expects to see increased deployment and use of medical technology that enables patients to monitor and, in some cases, treat their own conditions more effectively at home. 

Bernard Ross continues to discuss "Welcome to the age of medical technology", "Reconnecting the supply chain" and "A world of opportunity", to learn more click here. (By following this link you will leave the Deepbridge website. Deepbridge takes no responsibility for content on external websites).