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Pacla Medical Featured in The Guardian


Pacla Medical Ltd, which is part of the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS portfolio, has been featured in an article by The Guardian, delving into whether a 'robotherapist' can deliver as good a massage as a human.

Backhug is the brainchild of Chongsu Lee, an engineer-turned-physiotherapist whose clinical experience convinced him that spine stiffness was a major contributor to many of his patients’ problems – from hip ache and tight calf muscles, to tiredness, headaches and pain in their hands and elbows.

Our backs, necks and shoulders contain more than 150 joints, and they are all connected. Lee likens them to a bicycle chain: Just as it will get rusty if left out in the rain, our back joints may become stiff if we spend too long sitting at our desks, experience stress or injury, or through ageing – making it harder to “pedal” our bodies. Moving these joints – whether through manual therapy or stretching and exercise – helps keep them lubricated.

Pacla Medical Ltd is a health care device company developing a new generation robotic physiotherapy device (‘Robo-Physio’) which aims to improve the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), chronic back pain and other conditions.

The device aims to allow treatment in the home to support self-management for patients without a professional practitioner being present. The Company is initially targeting MS and chronic back pain sufferers, but the Company also believes that the device has the potential to benefit patients with other conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.     

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