22nd January 2019


Andrew Hughes, Partner & Head of Renewables at Deepbridge Capital , answers some key questions regarding renewable energy.


Q. What makes renewable energy an interesting investment opportunity?

A. As detailed historical data on UK weather is readily available, including wind speeds and rainfall measurements in the UK which are easily accessible, these can be used to inform forecasts of renewable energy project performance.  


Q. What is the key to choosing a good renewable energy site?

A. Many factors contribute to finding good sites, but key is ensuring that any projections for the site match local conditions. For example, wind turbines can be modelled at outset based on average local wind speeds. This allows for clear expectation to be formed.


Q. How do you find appropriate renewable energy projects to invest in?

A. We work closely with various partners to source appropriate projects. For example, in the world of hydropower we work closely with the British Hydropower Association.


Q. Which countries are the global leaders in renewable energy?

A. In 2015, Costa Rica produced 99% of their electricity from renewable energy sources. Closer to home the Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden are particularly proactive, but we should also be proud of the progress the UK has made in recent years.


Discover more about our renewable energy projects, through the Deepbridge IHT Service, here.

Andy Hughes, Partner & Head of Renewables, Deepbridge Capital.


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