30th November 2022

SmallSpark Space Systems, an award-winning rocket propulsion innovation company which is part of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS fund, has recently announced that it has secured a development contract with the UK's Ministry of Defence, via the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), to use its moore.AI technology to accelerate the time it takes to develop novel solid rocket motor configurations, for a broad range of applications. 

The contract, worth £292,565.75, will see SmallSpark double the size of its software and technology demonstration teams and allow them to invest in additional in-house infrastructure and capabilities. 

Joseph Ward, CEO & Director of Propulsion at  SmallSpark Space Systems,  commented: 

"moore.AI is an extremely powerful technology that aims to change the way we think about, and approach systems engineering and design. The development process for a rocket motor for use by the MoD can take upwards of 10 years; we're aiming to cut that down by between 25% to 50% - by utilising novel, carefully constructed optimisation technologies, developed here at SmallSpark for our own space systems. 

We are looking to free up engineer's time by helping them avoid arduous manual design iteration, and we are so excited to get to test these systems with our partners around the United Kingdom" 

mooreAI is a data-agnostic, multi-objective optimisation technology developed by SmallSpark Space Systems, with the ambition to dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform system-wide engineering optimisation. The technology boasts unique capabilities including allowing multiple simultaneous data-streams, advanced geometry manipulation, and the ability to tackle extremely noisy, complex problems. 

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