9th December 2021

GBI Magazine recently spoke to Ben Sweeney, the Founder of VidiVet, to talk about his Start-Up journey and how the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS Scheme influenced it. 

VidiVet is a synchronised communication platform pairing vets and pet owners, a disruptive platform in the veterinarian industry and an example of the sort of Start-Up Deepbridge Capital invests in. Ben is also a prime example of the type of founder that Deepbridge invests in, being both flexible and ambitious. 

With qualified vets and nurses that can be contacted at any time through the VidiVet app, via phone or tablet - VidiVet gives animal owners the opportunity to ask any question about their pet at any time and get an instant personalised response and to have digital appointments at a time that suits them. It is designed to reassure owners, to educate them and direct them to the right treatment where it is needed. 

Speaking on what impact Covid-19 had on the development of VidiVet, Ben Sweeney, Founder of VidiVet, commented: 

"If anything, Covid-19 has had a beneficial impact on the development of the business. People have become more digitally engaged and used to video communications. VidiVet has helped reduce face to face contacts and offers a more efficient use of time." 

If you would like to watch the first part of GBI Magazine's four-part series with Deepbridge, interviewing Ben Sweeney, click here

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