17th January 2019

Through the combination of the high-quality investment management experience of the Deepbridge team, coupled with an opportunity to take advantage of the generous incentives offered through the current tax legislation, the opportunity to invest in the range of identified companies through the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS is both timely and potentially compelling.

We believe that the ability to develop, commercialise and adopt new technologies will define successful countries in the 21st Century. New digital technologies are changing how we live and work, and how we interact with each other.

At the same time, the world economy faces major societal challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity. These profound societal challenges can underpin both product and process innovation, particularly that of a disruptive nature: on a global level, technological innovation can be without doubt a major determinant of long-term economic growth, driving productivity and job creation, and opening up new markets to exploit.

Here in the UK, many early-stage technology companies have seen the emergence of a 'funding gap'. It is our opinion that this funding gap has revealed a compelling opportunity for investors to secure attractive entry terms into such businesses.

Therefore, now is potentially an advantageous time to invest in emerging technology opportunities via the EIS. As well as considering the tax incentives, we believe investors should also seek to engage an investment team that can not only identify attractive pre-commercialisation investment opportunities, but also actively mentor and assist these opportunities to accelerate their journey towards full commercialisation and in doing so unlock significant investor value.

Discover more about the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS here.

Ian Warwick, Managing Partner, Deepbridge Capital.




















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