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Zilico's ZedScan Increases Cervical Cancer Detection

Zilico Ltd, which is part of the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS fund, has recently been featured in an article by Femtech World regarding its product ZedScan; a cancer diagnostic system that is used alongside colposcopy to provide an objective assessment of the cervical epithelial tissue in real time.  

The article features information regarding a new study, published by the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology, showing that use of ZedScan in diagnostic screening significantly increased the detection of cancer and potential cancer. 

Following a service evaluation of over 200 patients, ZedScan increased the detection of high-grade disease (which has the potential to become cancerous) by 26%. The high sensitivity of the device also gives clinician the confidence to discharge women to surveillance or routine screening when no high-grade disease is indicated. 

Sameer Kothari, Chief Executive Director of   Zilico  Ltd,  commented:   

“It is fantastic news for patients in the UK (United Kingdom) and further afield. The publication shows how ZedScan can help across different clinical settings in nine countries. Colposcopy has not materially changed for nearly 100 years and this data shows how having this advanced technology at the point of examination during colposcopy helps patients, clinicians and hospitals.” 

Cervical cancer affects 3,197 women each year in the UK with a survival percentage of 51%, according to Cancer Research UK. 

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