Developing a technology to support school leaders and improve staff wellbeing and performance.


School Wellbeing Accelerator has been created to support school leaders in transforming culture, improving staff wellbeing and performance and tackling supporting teachers’ mental health.

There is a current issue in the UK with a decline in teacher retention rates across all career stages, with an increasing proportion of recent recruits and more experienced teachers leaving the profession. The Company believes its core product serves a gap in the market where existing alternatives fail to solve the problem. The self-managed solution, ‘Welbee’, gives schools their own hub and allows them to survey staff, manage leadership assessments, and link these directly to relevant training. Using outcomes and benchmarks, this data will provide schools with tailored actions to be incorporated into their school development plan. In addition, the platform has been developed to be easily shared with Ofsted, to clearly show that the school is meeting the Leadership and Management judgement included within the new framework.

The Company has started to sell directly to schools and plan to sell the product on a tiered subscription basis offering varying levels of service, which is also linked to the size of the school.


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