4th March 2019


The Deepbridge team prepares and reviews investment opportunities sourced from a wide dealflow network. 

Generally, Deepbridge seeks investment opportunities that exhibit the following qualities:

  • Significant market potential with clear need and market growth;
  • Innovation-driven products that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current market offerings;
  • Businesses that utilise a technology-derived platform and/or an innovative approach to meet a newly-identified or existing market demand;
  • Technology-driven businesses with a clear and realistic path to commercialisation;
  • Robust intellectual property which may or may not be patented;
  • Passionate, energetic and experienced founding team;
  • Clear exit strategy to be implemented within 3-4 years with alignment of interests with our stakeholders.

Ultimately, Deepbridge will select companies which offer the opportunity to expand internationally, outside the UK, utilising many of the strengths, contacts and experience that the Deepbridge team possess in order to accelerate the growth of the business.

For more information, take a look at our below EIS funds.

Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS

Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS


Both of our EIS funds usually deploy funds on a monthly basis, and therefore currently have capacity for deployment prior to 5th April 2019. The earlier your clients’ funds are invested, the greater the chance that they will be invested in the current tax year.

Please note that this is subject to the closing dates, outlined below.

Thursday 21st March for Cheques 
Tuesday 26th March for Bank Transfers

Application Forms and Anti Money Laundering checks will need to be completed by 27th March.

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